Why does skincare need to be complicated? Why should you need a chemistry degree to understand what's in your product?

At Oh Goodness, what you see is what you get.

Oh Goodness products are simple, effective, and packaged sustainably. Recognisable ingredients that nourish and protect skin naturally, not outrageous chemical formulations that may or may not be dangerous to your health and the environment.

Oh Goodness - Simple. Good. Waste free. 

Made from organic, sustainably produced ingredients sourced from reputable organically certified providers and free from:

  • cruelty 
  • plastic 
  • parabens 
  • palm oil
  • artificial fragrance
  • unnecessary complicated chemical formulations



    I'm Ana, and I started Oh Goodness in 2018.

    The Lorax was my favourite book as a child, it made a huge impact on me and consequently I’ve always been “a bit of a greenie”, as my mother likes to say. As a child I brought my coke cans home in my suitcase from a trip overseas so that I could recycle them, much to the amusement of my family.

    I’m a mother of three, a musician and a foodie. I love being outside, moving my body and eating good food. I'm also increasingly aware of the things that go on my body as well as in it in terms of both skincare and clothing.

    I love products that don’t impact the planet unnecessarily. The amount of plastic waste in our world makes me deeply upset, and I’ve made a conscious effort to cut down on plastics use in our household; cloth bags, metal straws, homemade yogurt sachets and refillable water bottles. Each time i shop i try and find alternatives to the plastic wrapped options, to be a consumer who is aware and chooses the eco option. It’s not always easy, and I believe manufacturers should be more accountable when it comes to packaging sustainably.

    Oh Goodness is the next step in that journey. My products are sustainable, only natural, organic, good-for-you ingredients and no plastic packaging.

    My mission is to provide products that work well, smell great and are good for both humans and the planet. Only Handmade Goodness. For Lorax lovers everywhere.