Giving back - supporting the causes that matter Oh Goodness

Giving back - supporting the causes that matter

Owning a small business is thrilling and terrifying. The joy of seeing your products emerge and take on the world is magical, and yet behind the scenes it is a delicate balancing act of investment, production, marketing and logistics. There are many nervous moments, lots of hard work and so, so many decisions!

It’s also an opportunity. An opportunity to display the change you wish to see in the world and set an example you hope others will follow. 

A big part of starting Oh Goodness was to combat the growing amount of plastic waste gathering in our environments. So it makes sense that the company should also support initiatives that help address this problem. 

Ocean plastic is a big problem

To that end Oh Goodness has been supporting The Ocean Cleanup project who are attempting large scale ocean plastic cleanup. Closer to home, I've recently signed up to the One percent Collective, which helps organisations contribute and manage their charitable donations. My chosen charity (so far) is the Sustainable Coastlines initiative, who support the health of coastlines and waterways in NZ. 

Oh Goodness' level of involvement is small at this stage. But as the company grows, so too will the contributions, and the diversity of chosen charities. We all have to start somewhere, and this is where I have chosen to begin our journey. One of the many, many decisions I have made over the past year, and one of the easiest to make. 


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