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Don't just take our word for it...

For years we've been sold complex chemicals deodorants to combat body odour, when all it takes is a few simple ingredients and the job is done. Love this product, it's definitely got the goodness!

Karen T

Since using Oh Goodness deodorant there’s no going back for me! I love that it’s organic, handmade goodness that works so well. I highly recommend this great product to everyone.

Karen C

This stuff smells delicious, and it also actually works! And I love that it comes in a glass jar.


OM Goodness Ana, your deodorant arrived last week and I am loving it!! My daughter is 'stealing' it too which is great cos I love that it is so safe and natural for her system. I have never enjoyed the prospect of getting hot and flustered as much as I do now with #ohgoodnessnz under my armpits!!!

Rebecca H

Fabulous stuff! Not just for myself, but now my partner uses it! I hated how he sprayed horrible perfumed chemical stuff on every morning... My armpits (and my nose) are so much happier...


Perfect little pot! I like a deodorant that has a subtle perfume, doesn't stain my clothes and works for 24 hours. This one has it all!

Colleen H

Having a slightly delicate dry skin I thought I would give 'Oh Goodness' a go. Have been using it for the past 6 months and love it. It's light where it needs to be, all natural and has a delicate aroma of natural oils which I just love. No ingredients a mile long on plastic containers! Just a simple quality product that works for me. 


Oh Goodness supports the Ocean Cleanup Project

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