Why natural skincare?

Commercially prepared cosmetics often include cheap and easy chemical ingredients that offer a range of benefits and cost effectiveness for production. Unfortunately these same chemicals often don’t have great effects on our bodies and mostly come wrapped in plastics and other environmentally degrading materials.

Oh Goodness offers a simple, natural alternative to the chemical soup called commercial skincare, without compromising effectiveness or quality. All products are made from ethically sourced, organic ingredients and handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

What’s wrong with regular deodorant?

Antiperspirants work by blocking our sweat glands so that we don’t sweat as much. To do this they typically use aluminum salts. The science is inconclusive, but aluminium has been linked to cancers, and alzheimer's. Even a regular deodorant without aluminium will typically include parabens, endocrine disruptors which can lead to an increased risk of developing cancer cells.

My Deodorant is beige, why is that?

The deodorants contain an ingredient called diatomaceous earth, a type of fossilised algae which gives the deodorants their colour. It is used for a variety of reasons and used in the deodorants as it has a soothing effect on skin as well as being an excellent moisture and odour mopper. Rest assured it won’t stain you or your clothes!

Do your deodorants actually work?

Yes! They actually work. I have tested all the formulations on many willing humans (but no animals ;)  Our sweat itself is odourless; body odour is the result of bacteria that live on the skin breaking the sweat down into acids. The amount of sweat and intensity of smell varies from person to person, often depending on diet and our own unique bacterial composition. I have formulated a range of fragrances with these variations in mind so you can find your perfect match.

Are the deodorants antiperspirants?

No! Antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat glands. Our products contain natural starches and odour absorbers that help mop up the moisture and neutralise the odour.

I sometimes hear about the adverse effects of bicarbonate of soda, what's with that?

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) is an excellent odour neutraliser and a main active ingredient in the regular deodorant range. For most people it is fine to use on skin, especially when combined with other oils and butters. Because it is very basic it can cause irritation or rash on some with more sensitive skin. For this reason I have also formulated a sensitive formulation without the baking soda for those who require a more gentle product. If any irritation or rash develops please contact us for advice.

How long will my deodorant jar last?

A 45g jar will last from 2-6 months depending on how you use it. Everyone's requirements are a little different so it will depend on frequency of use and how much you apply each time. I recommend using an amount roughly the size of a pea to begin, and adjusting as necessary. 

 How do I use the deodorant?

Simply rub the desired amount on a clean dry underarm with the tip of a finger or fingers. I recommend waiting for 12 hours after wax treatments, just the same as a regular deodorant.  Do not use on broken or chafed skin. If any irritation develops, please feel free to contact me and I will refund you. You can also check my blog post which demonstrates how to use the deodorant here.

What about preservatives?

Because most Oh Goodness products are oil based there is no need to preserve as without water there is nothing in which bacteria can grow. I do include Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant in some of the products. I make the pots in small batches to order using fresh ingredients so each pot is guaranteed to last at least 12 months from the jar being first opened. 

Once water is included in a formulation there is the potential for bacteria to grow so a preservative is required. As the hand & body cream contains water I have added Geoguard 221 (Benzyl alcohol & dehydroacetic acid). This is a safe, non toxic preservative approved by Ecocert. I've opted for the safest preservative available. You can read more about Geoguard 221 here.

Are your products vegan?

Oh Goodness products are completely plant based, formulated from soothing oils and butters and without beeswax to avoid stickiness that sometimes arises from their use. All soaps are cold process method using only quality vegetable based oils and butters.

My deodorant seems to change texture in the heat, what should i do?

Because they are formulated only from oils and butters and do not contain stabilisers, the deodorants can change consistency in extremes of temperature. I recommend keeping them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, which will also help maintain the essential oils for longer.

Is your packaging recyclable?

As a large part of our ethos involves caring for the planet, I have sourced glass jars and metal lids, and metal tins for Oh Goodness products. Both of these can be either used again or recycled. I send products out in paper jiffy bags made from recycled paper products, and use paper to pack.

My Intense moisturiser feels grainy - why is that?

Our old friend shea butter is a fantastic ingredient and superbly nourishing for skin, however is a notoriously tricky beast when it comes to temperature. As the intense moisturiser has a large percentage of shea butter it can sometimes fall victim to fluctuations of temperature which can affect its structure and cause crystals to form. If this happens, it's not ruined! A simple fix is to heat the jar in the oven, microwave or carefully in a water bath (make sure you don't splash water into the jar!) until it is over 70 degrees Celsius, stir quickly, then cool rapidly in the freezer until set. If you don't have a thermometer this is when the product is completely liquid and the jar hot to the touch. This should fix the problem and ensure smoothness. Always keep any products containing shea butter in a cool dark place to help maintain stability.