Simple tips for great skin Oh Goodness

Simple tips for great skin

I'm sometimes asked how to achieve healthy, clear skin. I believe it's easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. Anyone who knows me knows I like simple, especially when it comes to skincare! 

Here's a quick guide to maintaining great skin.


We live in a polluted world. Modern life means exposure to pollutants is inevitable, especially if you live in a city. Make sure you find a cleansing routine that suits you and do it every night before bed. Oh Goodness charcoal & kaolin clay face soap is an excellent option. This soap is formulated to attract toxins and pollutants, providing an antioxidant boost and refining the pores also meaning there is no need for a separate toning regime.


Slip, slop, slap, wear a hat. Sun protection is an essential tool for healthy skin. In this part of the world especially, as we all know, the sun is fierce! Sunscreen is non negotiable for healthy skin, and not just in summer, but year round.


Great skin starts from within. That's right folks, eat your veges, because what goes in shows up on your skin. If you're pounding processed foods and sugary crap you're going to see that on your face. You are what you eat, as they say, and if you'd rather look like a pile of fresh, healthy vegetables than greasy chips, then you gotta eat them greens. Drinks like water and herbal tea are also great for the skin, and avoid too many caffeinated drinks and too much alcohol. Note that I said "too many" and "too much", because moderate intake of such enjoyable things shouldn't be forbidden entirely ;)

Avoid too many toxic products

Try and ensure all the products you use are as natural as possible. This includes makeup. There are several great makeup brands out there offering natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics, so shop around. You can avoid a world of crap polluting your skin by choosing wisely.

Choose natural skincare

This one goes without saying. If you look at a list of ingredients on the back of most commercial skincare preparations you'll notice a looong list of chemicals.  Avoid. You can achieve great results with a great natural product. Oh Goodness intense moisturiser is a great option, jam packed with nourishing antioxidant rich organic oils and butters, perfect for intense skin nourishment. 

And that's it! Were you expecting a longer list of dos and don'ts?? #keepitsimple


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