Oh Goodness end of year party Oh Goodness

Oh Goodness end of year party

Oh Goodness officially went live on 27th December 2018, marking the end of a long year of trial and error perfecting my natural deodorant recipe. I was super excited and ready and before really thinking through the launch date there it was - Oh Goodness was live! I had my first order within hours, much to my amazement... 

Fast forward nearly a year and I have come so far....a redesign of the labels, several stockists, the launch of new deodorant fragrances and a modest new skincare range which launched recently. I've learnt so much, met some fantastic people and gained a new appreciation for all the great work happening in the natural / eco / green living and clean skincare space. 

Oh Goodness end of year party

I've had such generous support from friends and supporters all through this year, and I'd like to take the chance to say thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has helped me on this journey. My family, of course, deserves special mention and especially Otto, my brilliant husband, who has counselled me through some low moments and put up with my addiction to YouTube how-to skincare videos! 

Oh Goodness end of year party

Last night I hosted a small event at my home, to a small but perfectly appreciative group of women, some friends, some I met for the first time. We discussed the pros and cons of deodorants, skincare routines, ingredients and favourite smells. I gained some insight and inspiration for new products. This is what it's all about, at the end of the day, to share skincare that is natural and good and isn't wrapped in plastic. So thank you - all of you - for helping me make what Oh Goodness has become. I am so inspired for the future.

xx Ana

Oh Goodness end of year party


Two of the beautiful men in my life

Two of the lovely men in my life, who also wanted to get in on the photo action..:)

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