Oh Goodness now and into the future..

It's been an interesting year. With inflation at record highs, many smaller businesses have been hit hard by lower than average takings. I decided at the beginning of 2022 that this was a good chance to take a consolidation year; I would pursue study with the Institute of Personal Care Science, and formally learn formulation with a view to developing the future of Oh Goodness. It's been fantastic learning - it's very technical, and absolutely fascinating not to mention eye opening, learning that things are not always what they seem in the marketing world, and that a lot of so-called "clean" or "green" beauty is actually rather misleading. 
I've learnt heaps - and have really enjoyed the course. I have however, realised my heart really lies with soapmaking so I've decided I'm going to go ahead with the sustainable soap idea I've had percolating for a while, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of my soaps.  I have also decided that while I have loved the look and feel of Oh Goodness, it's time for a refresh, and to that end I've engaged the wonderful Becky at Mayk Studios to help work through this exciting change. 
I'll be having a review of current product lines, keeping, for example, the deodorants, but I'll probably simplify the range and possibly the packaging. My sustainable soap line will no longer be vegan - there will be a small amount of tallow required to replace cocoa butter to harden the bar. I will talk more about the decisions I've made in a later post, but I'm super excited that 96% of the oils used in the new line will be sourced from NZ and the Pacific Islands. Keeping it local! I will probably keep a vegan line going too, but will keep reviewing this from time to time. I'll also be looking to use locally sourced additives where possible. 
I'd love any and all feedback as to all this. Please email me hello@ohgoodness.nz and let me know which products you love and would be lost without, what soap scents you would like to see included and any feedback at all. I take everything under consideration because without you, there is no Oh Goodness!
Looking forward to the next chapter. 

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