Plastic free July! Oh Goodness

Plastic free July!

July has rolled around again, and though 2020 has so far been a fairly mixed bag, I am always excited by this month of focus on plastic free living. July has become an important month in the Oh Goodness calendar!

plastic free july 2020 banner

Started in Australia in 2011, Plastic Free July has grown into a global phenomenon. The campaign has started reaching even more mainstream audiences and is having a measurable difference on public perception and habits around single use plastic waste. Through pledges and challenges it helps people and businesses become part of the plastic pollution solution. 

As many of you know, I started Oh Goodness partly to provide an alternative to plastic wrapped deodorant and skin products. I believe that producers, like me, need to be held accountable for packaging choices. All my deodorants and skin products are contained in glass jars with metal lids and soaps are simply wrapped in paper, paper labels or nude (oo-ee!)

plastic free fruit and vege box

Our new fruit & vege boxes are a plastic free delight to behold!

On a more personal level, I have tried for many years to make swaps for our family that are more sustainable and use fewer plastic wrapped products. These have included a plastic free bathroom setup and some changes to our grocery shop. But the journey to sustainable living is gradual, and there is always room for improvement! Recently, we have started ordering our fruit and veges from a local supplier who provides a plastic free box, so we're cutting back on plastic wrapped fruit from the supermarket, supporting a small local business and gaining fresher produce all at once. We're also now purchasing a large box of Greencane toilet paper, which arrives at our doorstep in a large cardboard box and lasts a long time, and eliminates the plastic wrapping that seems inevitable with smaller, grocery bought paper.

Each week during plastic free July I'll be bringing you a range of great Oh Goodness specials and giveaways in order to raise awareness and get some great plastic free swaps happening. 

Stay tuned for some plastic free goodness!


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