Supporting charities that matter - updated! Oh Goodness

Supporting charities that matter - updated!

Brr, winter has definitely arrived in Wellington. As I write this rain is beating on the windows and it's freezing cold. This is the time of year I find myself thinking about those less fortunate, living in cold damp homes, unable to afford healthy food or adequate heating. With that in mind I've just added Kaibosh to the list of charities Oh Goodness supports. 

Kaibosh is a Wellington based food rescue organisation that collects surplus food from various industry providers and delivers it to community groups supporting people in need. This loop ensures quality surplus food reaches those who are struggling rather than being needlessly discarded, benefiting both the community and the environment.

Oh Goodness has also supported Sustainable Coastlines over the last year, and though the contribution is small at present, but it is my hope that I can continue to grow the business to be able to contribute more over time. 

Both Kaibosh and Sustainable Coastlines are supported via the One percent collective, which makes giving super easy. I can't speak highly enough of their platform - they take over all the administration and distribution to the charities on their list, making it easy and streamlined especially when supporting multiple charities which you can do with one payment.  

Your ongoing support of Oh Goodness makes all of this possible, of course!  So a big thank you to you all for your repeat custom, your reviews and feedback, it all helps entice more people to join the party!


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