Welcome to the Silly Season! Oh Goodness

Welcome to the Silly Season!

It's that time of year again...I have to admit to not really being a fan of December. The endless rush rush and relentless consumerism that comes along with Christmas has really started to wear thin over the last few years. There is a particularly frenetic pace to the world both online and in reality that can become exhausting... 

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Each year I take a deep breath and try and rise above the noise, and this year in particular I'm making a more conscious effort to make ethical choices. You've probably all seen some ethical gifting guides floating around social media and I love these...what is boils down to is:

  • Give your time - spending time with friends and loved ones is a gift in itself, especially if they live far away
  • Give experiences - like your time, experiences that create memories are a great gift idea
  • Shop local -  small local businesses are desperately trying to be heard through the noise the global marketplace makes
  • Shop ethical companies - make sure you spend your money with companies who give back to charity, help the community in some way, provide sustainably packaged gifts and don't shit on the environment
  • Shop to make a difference and give to those in need. There are plenty of ways to gift a charitable donation - many people struggle to make ends meet, especially at this time of year, so these types of gifts are particularly valuable
  • Make your own gifts - people love homemade gifts! If you don’t feel confident in your skills you could...
  • Buy from a local maker...it'll make you and your recipient feel warm and fuzzy knowing you are supporting a local than lining the coffers of a few key stakeholders from a large multinational.

Once you start embracing these principles I find that everything seems so much easier and the path to the 25th way more straightforward. It's so great that ethical gifting seems to be becoming a mainstream phenomenon. Here's to a happy, ethical Christmas without the guilt!



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