Soap with a small footprint

soap packages from the side view

Oh Goodness soaps have a clean conscience. What does that mean? It means having a small carbon footprint while being big on clean soapy goodness. Developing my recipes, I made the conscious decision to use the best ingredients, sourced as close to the OG HQ as possible. Working with the very best oils from around Aotearoa and the Pacific,
my soaps are mindfully made so that they’re good for your skin and good for the planet. I wrap my soaps in recycled paper and ship them in recyclable card mailers. Because I believe lots of little things can make a big difference.

The best oils, sourced locally.

It’s important I partner with suppliers that have a low impact on the planet. I carefully select ingredients I can get as close to home as possible, and that are produced in an ethical way. My base recipe has a few simple ingredients chosen for their individual qualities and that work really well together to create beautiful, creamy soaps with a fine lather.

Tallow – rendered and purified fat from beef and sheep, tallow is a traditional ingredient that has been used by soap makers for centuries, for its hardness and good lather. I use beef tallow, from farms in Canterbury.

Coconut – mostly used for bubbles and cleansing capabilities, I source coconut oil from a family business working directly with, and supporting, villages in Fiji.

Olive Oil – the king of oils when it comes to hardness and conditioning lather. My olive oil comes from local NZ farms, from a press just a short drive away in Wairarapa..

Sunflower Oil – this oil provides a lovely moisturising feel and nice bubbles. My fresh, cold-pressed oil comes from Canterbury.

Avocado Oil – a good stable oil with great conditioning properties. My refined avocado oil comes from the Bay of Plenty.

Where possible, I source essential oils for scent from around Aotearoa, such as lavender oil from a Wairarapa farm. My aim is to shop and source local, keep air miles down and support other local businesses while celebrating the abundance of ingredients in our wonderful country.

Founder of Oh Goodness