Why Natural Deodorant? Oh Goodness

Why Natural Deodorant?

Oh Goodness natural deodorant

I'd love to say that i made a conscious decision to delve into natural deodorant..but it was, simply put, a very happy accident. 

I'd started out trying to make natural sunscreen. It's hard. REALLY hard. Zinc oxide is a real pig of an ingredient to work with, clumping and not mixing through the other ingredients. I turned out quite a few messes; too hard, too runny, and all making a HUGE mess with incredibly difficult cleanup.

It also turns out it's quite difficult to get a high enough SPF if you're making it at home. In my bid to understand it, I read the blog of a woman who charted her journey to make sunscreen, her struggles, the costs involved to get proper lab testing done, how hard it all was and how we should all BE VERY CAREFUL with homemade stuff as it is a product that people rely on to protect them from skin cancer.

missed the mark

I'd tried, and failed; my husband was still getting burnt. Considering even big name brands often fail the rigorous SPF tests i figured I didn't have a hope.

But I still had all these lovely, organic ingredients....coconut oil, shea butter. What to do? I started trawling the internet to see if there was something else I could make. Deodorant! I was sceptical at first but had nothing to lose and I needed some so I gave it a whirl. Turns out it worked great. So great, I gave some to my mum and sister for Christmas. I thought they'd hate it, dismiss natural deodorant as some sort of tree hugging nonsense.

Love this stuff Oh Goodness natural deodorant

They LOVED it. RAVED about it. And asked me why I wasn't selling it.

So I gave it some thought and did some research. I gave some to friends to trial. Everyone raved about it, most asked for refills. I played around with the formulation to make it more temperature stable. And I got hooked...I found myself whipping up a batch of face oil, some cuticle cream for a friend, nose balm when I had a cold. I loved the idea of selling products that are natural and good and work well and aren't wrapped in plastic. And Oh Goodness was born. 

So why use Oh Goodness natural deodorant? Aside from the obvious benefits of fewer chemicals, no aluminium or preservatives, why not? It works a treat. It smells great. It comes in a glass jar, with a metal lid. Say no more.  


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